Pizzles: What is a Pizzle?

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Pizzles are full of flavour and loved by dogs. They are natural treats but just what is a pizzle?

Pizzles also called Bully sticks are a firm favourite for our furry friends as they are full of flavour and firm in texture. But if you've not come across Bull's Pizzles before - or haven't dared asked yourself before - then you might be wondering just what it is. 

So, what is a pizzle? In short, a pizzle is a bull's penis. Yes, you read that right! The word pizzle is the Middle English word for penis.

Whilst that might be enough to make you never consider buying one, there are plenty of reasons why dogs love them.

Pizzles have a strong flavour and taste which dogs love. Dogs love organ meats and other meats which mimic their diet from their wolf ancestors.

Pizzle are also quite a tough chew, which means that dogs can gnaw away on them for a while, exercising their jaw and letting out their natural chewing instincts. 

But it's not just the flavour that means that pizzles are a popular choice, they also have a wide range of health benefits for your dog. 



Bull's pizzles are firm in texture so they are very long-lasting. We recommend that treats are given for 30-minute periods, left to dry and wrapped up to keep them fresh. This is best for the dog and means that your dog can munch on them for long time. Ideal for dogs with strong and powerful jaws, pizzles are great to keep them chomping and to satisfy that chewing instinct. 

Keeps Teeth Healthy 

As dogs chomp and chew on the treat, the texture of the pizzle removes plaque from your dog's teeth!  It'll keep their teeth and jaws healthy whilst they gnaw away and enjoy themselves. As pizzles are a tough chew, it will also strengthen their jaw which is great for their health and wellbeing.

Helps Mental Stimulation

Having descended from wolves, dogs have a natural instinct to chew. Licking releases happy hormones in dogs, keeping them happy and healthy. Chewing helps them to relieve stress and anxiety and combats boredom. As pizzles are quite tough, they keep dogs chomping for a while, keeping them busy and happy.

Low in Fat

Low in fat, beef pizzles are the perfect treat for dogs that are on low fat diets. Especially as pizzles are long-lasting, your dog can gnaw away on them for a long time without you having to worry about the calories. 

100% Natural

All our treats are 100% natural so that your dog only gets the best. It means that they are easier to digest and have no nasty chemicals or preservatives in them. The pizzles are naturally air dried to make them crunchy a safe way and not hard which happens from heat drying.


We recommend that Pizzles are not given to puppies who are under 12 weeks. They are suitable for puppies over 12 weeks, but we do recommend that all dogs are supervised whenever they have a treat, and that fresh water is available to them. 



Feed pizzles as a reward or treat as part of a balanced diet and always ensure a bowl of fresh water is available for your dog.

While they are a fully digestible dog treat, we strongly recommend that all dogs are supervised whilst eating treats, especially puppies.

When the Pizzle becomes small enough to swallow whole, it is recommended to take the last bit away from puppies because it can become a choking hazard.



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