Large Dognut - Grain Free & Natural

Large Dognut - Grain Free & Natural

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We enjoy doughnuts and now our dogs can too thanks to Life of Riley.

But how you ask? Baked with homemade peanut butter to create the base of the doughnut, then topped with a dog-friendly and sugar-free, tapioca-based icing

Every doughnut is handmade, and every colour and flavour is natural. (Yes, natural colourings are this snazzy!) 

Our doughnuts are guaranteed to get your dog’s drooling and their tails wagging – the full woof-approval.

Planning a party? Why not give the guests a proper treat to take home in their doggy bags!

Colour and decoration may vary with each order

Woof benefits:

100% dog safe ingredients
No artificial colours or flavours.

These have a shelf life of 6 months and do not need to be refrigerated.


Gram flour. peanut butter, coconut & Life of Riley's sugar free icing